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Dear Friends

You are at the right place to transform your future. A change that will make you ready for the future economically, socially and professionally. You may be thinking of becoming a good family member by being financially strong with social reputations. You may aspire to be the ultimate specialist in your professional arena. No matter what your dreams are, Kyodai Academy has an experience to offer you which cannot be rivaled by any other institution/schools.

Perhaps you will see, Kyodai Academy is not just a School of Language and Skill Training that teaches you a whole bunch of concepts and frameworks in the classroom, but It will transform your dream to reality both professionally and academically. We know you have many other options to have similar courses and training but our uniquely crafted technique and friendly component of skill development is truly amazing. What we have to offer is a uniquely curated experience that blends academic rigor with industry relevance, delivered in an amazing experimental learning format. We have extremely talented team to guide you and teach you perfectly with experience in teaching at institutions in Japan and Nepal. We develop our course and curricula in consultation with Japanese institutions, ensuring that whatever is being taught is not outdated, but rather completely in sync with industry’s needs. We use a variety of experimental formats including simulations and thinking skills. We are pioneer because of our wide range of business and industries networks and teaching skills with job placements experiences for last 20 year and soon we expect to be one of the leading in India to transform your dream for a better future. You may find plenty of language and training schools in India. They may view you as a statistic but we view you as a potential future of India and we have a team to develop you to your fullest potential just ready for Japan for a short and India as a large. If you have a dream, join our team to experience the magic of Kyodai, and you will know why we are different form other language schools.

Truly looking forward to welcoming you and serve you! We teach you through both online and physical classes.

Ramesh Pradhan (Executive Director)