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Skill Development Course for Nursing-Caregiving


Duration: 6-7 months

This course is specially designed to respect elders and show them love and affection by caring them. The family members of the senior citizens cannot spare time to look after their senior members. Therefore, the Government of Japan has felt the need of hiring foreign caregivers to look after the senior citizens in Japan.  
To meet the need of skills in caring culture, we have specially designed a special course of nursing and care giving to look after those senior citizens. This course includes a combination of N5 and N4 level of Japanese language course with practical classes including audiovisuals.  We use various teaching methods to make you understand better and make your communication with elders comfortable. We don’t limit only in theory or practical but our method of class will help you understand Japanese culture and communicate in a pleasant environment that perfects your job and responsibility.  

The duties and responsibilities of caregiver can be feeding and helping elderly people to take medicines on time, assisting them with personal hygiene like bathing and toileting, and monitoring their medical charts and health condition.

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