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Why Kyodai Academy in India?

Why Kyodai Academy?

Japan and India has been enjoying cordial relation for many years. Japan is a developed country while India is a fast developing country in the world. But the irony is that Japan has been facing an acute labor shortage due to decreasing population while India has not been able to provide job opportunities to its ever increasing population. To meet this demand of the shortage of labor force, Japan has opened working opportunities for foreign workers from 13 countries, including India. In this context, the Government of India and Japan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in January 2021 for the implementation of ‘Specified Skilled Worker’(SSW) and TITP Program that helps aspiring Indian youth to take up a job in Japan. The Memorandum of cooperation was signed between Foreign Secretary of India Shri Harsh Vardhan Shringla and Ambassador of Japan to India His Excellency Suzuki Satoshi in New Delhi on 18th January 2021.

In course of the implementation of this opportunity, it is mandatory to have the knowledge of basic Japanese language and skill in the profession they choose to go.

To facilitate those aspirants meet this challenges of language and skill to work in Japan, we, the professional group in Kyodai Academy has initiated to start Japanese Language class and skill training with the aim of providing a quality training to meet the need and demand with job placement opportunities in Japan. We are located in Siliguri because Siliguri is the gateway to North East India we focus to facilitate to the youth of this regions, although we shall reach to all parts of india through our Learning Apps and online classes.

With our wide range of experiences and networks in recruiting and consulting business for the last one and half decades in Japan, Kyodai Academy is now ready to serve and offer Japanese Language and Skill training to all who are looking for a better and secure future. We will be providing both online and offline classes. However, physical presence will be required for skill training classes.