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Education Consulations for Japan Study

Study in Japan

Kyodai Academy provides education consultation services to those who are seeking for good schools and universities to study in Japan. Japan has a world class education system that offers quality education to students. The Kyodai management team has been working with them for many years to promote education and skill development courses for South Asian students. Kyodai Academy believes in quality, and works with only selective educational institutions. Currently, we are providing consulting services for the following courses: Engineering in any discipline at KUAS- Kyoto University of Advanced Science and Japanese Language courses in over 30 Japanese Language Schools in Japan. KUAS- Kyoto University of Advanced Science : Kyoto University of Advanced Science is one of the best Universities in Japan in terms of quality of education. Also, it is the first University in Japan that offers Engineering courses totally in English medium. Most Japanese Universities do not offer English medium based courses. Further more details please visit www.

Japanese Language School in Japan

Learning Japanese Language in Language school in Japan is similar to our school class program in India. It is truly a language school similar to our school program and offers various subjects to foreign students. However, unlike the Language schools here in India which give only one or two hours classes, the language schools in Japan give 4 to 5 hours of time in a day even for basic and intermediate level courses.

People need to complete basic and intermediate course in Japanese language before they enter Japan to work or further study in Japan. This course will help them communicate in Japanese and understand about daily lifestyle needs. However, having an in-depth knowledge of proper language will support in various aspects, mainly to upgrade their capacity in a career of professional work and doing business.

The most feasible and comfortable part of joining a Japanese language school in Japan is that it can be a key platform to change your life, be it in furthering your career or education. One of the good part of joining a Japanese School in Japan is that you can take job skill training and can convert your student visas to work visas under Specified Skilled Worker status where foreign workers are provided the same benefits as their Japanese counterparts receive. Also, if you opt to pursue your academic degree after completion of the Japanese language school course, you can join world class universities in Japan that will open a gateway to many opportunities. Having a complete depth of Japanese language will certainly help to transform your lifestyle in terms of money and careers.

Many Japanese Language Schools in Japan have part-time job scheme. They help foreign students find part time jobs in various sectors, besides their school hours. There are hundreds of thousands foreign students who are studying and working part time, supporting themselves and their family back in their countries, besides their studies. Japan is a tremendous place to “learn and earn.” Kyodai gives both language classes and also education consulting services for interested students who want to go to Japan and secure their future. Kyodai is affiliated over340 Japanese language schools and a few world class Universities of Japan and we have successfully sent many students to KUAS and Japanese Language schools all over Japan.